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Youth Leadership Hall

Youth Leadership Hall County (YLH) is a program of Leadership Hall County, a division of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce  


Youth Leadership Hall is a leadership development program that informs, motivates, and increases the awareness of selected high school juniors and seniors through interaction with community leaders. The program is an investment in the community’s future leadership.

About the Program

Participants will…

  • · be given the opportunity to network with business leaders throughout community;
  • · gain career knowledge from a large variety of sources;
  • · gain valuable leadership skills, develop excellent communication skills while realizing the importance of a team;
  • · find their self-esteem is enhanced and verbal expression deepened;
  • · improve their sense of civic responsibility and servant leadership by participating in community service projects;
  • · develop relationships with students with different backgrounds including, ethnic, religious, and cultural groups while interacting with peers from all public and private schools in Hall County;
  • share in hands-on activities and team building exercises outside of the classroom walls;
  • · develop increasing awareness of their community;
  • · get excited about returning and contributing to our community after college;
  • · find the program enhances classroom curriculum by real world applications; and
  • · become more confident, self-motivated leaders ready to make their mark in our community.



1. must be a rising junior or senior.

2. must demonstrate leadership character traits, in and outside of the classroom.

3. must have an exemplary academic record as well as enthusiasm and commitment to the program.

4. should be involved in their schools through school clubs, athletics or student organizations.

5. should have expressed interest in understanding and serving the community.

6. should have demonstrated leadership ability or have exhibited potential leadership ability.

7. should be able to make a commitment to the requirements of the program by attending every event.

Selection Process

The selection process for this program will begin in January of each year with application information being sent to each school. Using the program objectives and eligibility requirements as a guideline, individual educators nominate their student of choice to a designated faculty member who is responsible for: collecting applications; supervising the selection process; and submitting completed applications to the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce in February. Potential participants are asked to complete an application and provide two letters of reference from a community leader and an educator. Previous applicants who were not chosen may reapply, if eligible.  

Each applicant will be interviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of members of the business community and educators. The Selection Committee strives to achieve balance in the class by ensuring diversity of race/ ethnicity, gender, and schools. All applicants are notified of the results of the selection process in April of each year. Quota for each participating school is based on student (rising juniors and seniors) enrollment and partnership level.

Important Dates

2/15 – Applications available

3/8 – Applications due *Actual date due to High School may be earlier than this date.

3/13   – Interviews begin

3/17 – Interviews end

3/24 – Class announced

5/1   – Tuition due


After acceptance, participants will be required to pay a $75 one-time fee to help offset some of the expenses.  This fee is submitted to the high school where the student is enrolled.  The high school then sends one all-inclusive payment to GHCC.


Please direct all questions to:
Andi Harmon
VP of Education and Leadership
770.532.6206 x113

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