Economic Development


The City of Gainesville has a comprehensive development plan to vision and guide transformation in downtown Gainesville.   Development concepts include connecting downtown with a new pedestrian bridge, greenway enhancements, street-scaping, establishing an entertainment district, repurposing historic building resources, development of high-density urban housing and leveraging private sector investment to develop a state-of-the-art hotel and conference center.

Reasons to Invest in Downtown Gainesville:

  • Existing Historic Downtown Square –Gainesville already has what new cities are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to create.  Gainesville’s downtown serves as the central business district for the 40,000 city residents, and the estimated 150,000 commuters that work and shop in the county seat.

  • Walkability – The new Midtown Greenway, Pedestrian Bridge and Wilshire Trails provide pedestrian connectivity and planned pedestrian improvements to the City’s street crossings will improve pedestrian access and safety.

  • Restaurants and cafes – Scott’s Restaurant, Luna’s, Avacados, Two Dog Cafe, Recess Southern Gastro Pub, Sweet Magnolias, Cosa Nostra, Atlas Pizza, The Colored Egg, Big Bear Café, Yellow Fin, Inman Perk, The Monkey Barrel, Midland Station and The Collegiate.

  • Retail Center – Downtown Gainesville is a major center for local independently owned retail businesses, and there is currently no vacancy.

  • Central to 221 world-class healthcare service providers employing over 9,100.

  • Proximity to Art – Brenau University’s renowned collection on the main campus and the Manhattan Gallery, the Quinlan Visual Arts Center and Vision 2030’s Public Art Program in Downtown Gainesville.

  • Performing Arts Venues at The Arts Council, Brenau Downtown Center Theatre, the historic Pearce Auditorium, The John Burd Center for the Performing Arts and the Northeast Georgia History Center.

  • Traffic Counts – 37,000 vehicles per day pass under the Pedestrian Bridge on Jesse Jewell Parkway, 33,500 vehicles per day pass by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce on EE Butler Parkway and another 14,000 on Academy Street.

  • Free parking

  • Much of the Downtown area is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, which potentially provides for tax incentive opportunities.

  • Opportunity Zone in Place – $3,500 state income or payroll withholding tax credit available to employers for each of five years for each new full-time job; earn up to $17,500 per job.

  • Federal New Market Tax Credit Financing eligible area for qualified projects.

  • Tax Allocation District available for funding support of public infrastructure improvements.

  • Gainesville has a new Downtown Development Plan with a vision for the future.

More Information: Gainesville Community Development Department

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